The newest Jewish cemetery was founded in Głogów in the mid-19th century. It was located on

Sienkiewicza Street

(former Körnerstraße). Ashes of hundreds of the deceased were exhumed and moved here from the former cemetery. The cemetery was surrounded with a wall and there was a pre-burial house built within its limits.

The last burial at the cemetery took place in the spring of 1937, and after that, the German authorities closed down the cemetery. In 1943, in the pre-burial house, the Germans established a storehouse for the Jewish stolen property. Commandant’s headquarters were built in the cemetery area, whereas the matzevot and wall bricks were sold to stonecutters. After the war, single matzevot could still be found at the cemetery. The cemetery was closed, and Primary School no. 7 was built on its site. The exhumation of the last 19 people buried before the war was carried out in 1968. Their ashes were transferred to the Catholic cemetery in Głogów[1.1].