Salomon Mandel’s business in Stanisławów was established in 1929. In 1938, it operated under the name “Salomona Mandla Synowie” (Salomon Mandel’s Sons), and its owners were – as indicated by its name – the sons of the founder and Klara née Inslicht: Lejb Mandel, Izaak Mandel, Efroim Mandel, Józef Mandel, and Mojżesz Szulim Mandel. The seat of the enterprise was located at 59/61 Halicka Street (Ukrainian vul. Hałyćka, вулиця Галицька); it also had a branch in Czortków (nowadays Chortkiv) and stores in Kolomyia and Ternopil. The initial investment amounted to PLN 725,000. The enterprise was engaged in wholesale and retail trade in iron products, sheet metal, and technical implements.

At least three Mandel brothers perished in the Holocaust: Izaak (born in 1887), Efroim (born in 1888), and Mojżesz Szulim (born in 1894). A photo of the Mandel family, including the brothers, is kept in the collection of the Yad Vashem Institute.


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