Jabłonka Kościelna is a village situated in Podlaskie voivodship and from 1975-1998 in province łomżyńskiego. From 1795 onwards, the village was in Prussian Zaborze; since 1807 in the Duchy of Warsaw; since 1815 in the Kingdom of Poland; and since 1837 within woj. Augustowskie. In 1867,  Jabłonka was in łomżyński. In the interwar period, it was in woj. Białostocki midway between Zambrowa and Wysoki Mazowiecki. The first references to the original name of the village (Jabłonka Świerszczewo) was in the first quarter of the 15th century when it was inhabited by the Jabłońsk family. In the early18th century, the village was held by the wealthy Śląskich family and then the Skiwskis. At the end of the 18th century, the village became a town with an overwhelming Jewish population.