The annual prayers for victims of the pogrom took place in Jedwabne on 11th of July. Because the Sabbath was on the 10th of July, the praying was organized a day after the anniversary. Delegates of the Jewish Community, the Israeli Embassy in Poland, the Jewish Historical Institute, editors of Virtual Shtetl Portal, as well as people of goodwill took part in the ceremony. The praying was led by Rabbi Icchak Rapoport. According to Jewish and Polish custom, the monument of pogrom victims and the nearby Jewish cemetery were decorated by wreaths, candles and pebbles. 

The pogrom in Jedwabne was a massacre of 340 Polish Jews on the 10th of July. The crime was committed by a mob of Polish Gentiles at the instigation of German Nazis. Approximately 300 people were burned in the barn and 40 were killed in other unknown ways.