The first synagogue[1.1] was built[1.2] in 1853 by the former Rollbergstrasse (today at 9 Zjazdowa Street). The façade was designed in Neo-Classical style. It played the role of the sacred place until 1916, when a new synagogue was built near the former Wilhelm Street (Wilhelmstrasse, today the junction of Powstańców Warszawy and Daszyńskiego streets). The old temple was sold to the Baptists[1.3] .

  • [1.1] Latitude and longitude: 54°04’45” N i 21°22’52” E.
  • [1.2] Latitude and longitude: 54°04’61” N i 21°22’30” E.
  • [1.3] Since 1985 there is the Chapel of Christians of Evangelic Faith . T. Korowaj, Rastenburg/Kętrzyn, p. 26.