The first charitable institution founded in Kielce at the beginning of the 20th century was the “Achi-Ezer” organisation (also known under the name “Brotherly Support” [Polish: Bratnia Pomoc] or “Charity” [Polish: Dobroczynność]). The aim and purpose of the organisation’s activity was to establish and watch over the Talmud Torah – a religious school for orphans and children from poor homes, to establish a Jewish hospital for the poor, the funeral association Chevra Kadisha, to lend money without interest to those with financial difficulties, and to provide clothing and shoes for the poor, plus festive food and fuel for the winter. The members of the organisation’s governing body were: Mosze Fefer, the Zagajski brothers, Awigdor Rajzman, Eli Naftali Ajzenberg and his son Mosze Ajzenberg, and Lemel Kahana. After Poland regained its independence, the organisation focused on helping the poorest.