Work on moving the former Hersz Zagajski house of prayer in Kielce is underway. Thanks to the New Space of Art Foundation, the facility has found its new site next to the Jewish cemetery.

The house of prayer was built in 1922 in the backyard of a huge tenement building owned by businessman Hersz Zagajski. It is a modest building with a gable roof. However, it is the only house of prayer in Kielce that has survived. Its walls still bear relics of polychrome work.

A discussion on how to secure the facility has been continuing for more than ten years. In the meantime, the heirs regained the tenement building and sold it to the Dorbud company. The investor is not interested in keeping the house on its premises. At that time it was suggested that the house could be moved to a different location.

The Jan Karski Society got involved in it.

“We have prepared a concept for the New Space of Art Foundation of how to move the house of prayer,” says the Society’s Bogdan Białek.

Ultimately, the New Space of Art Foundation undertook to perform the operation. The original building was dismantled and then restored near the Jewish cemetery. The moving of the polychrome work has just been completed. It is being done by conservationist Grzegorz Wiatr.

“Some pieces were in a very poor condition. One of the Zodiac signs, the Leo, practically crumbled,” said Grzegorz Wiatr.

The conservation work is expected to be completed in February 2016. It is yet unknown when the building will be opened to visitors.