The “Maccabi” Jewish Sports Club in Kraków was established in 1909 by H. Leser. In Poland, Maccabi clubs operated until 1949. The Kraków Maccabi Club was one of the most successful sports clubs in the country. It focused on the development of recreational and competitive sport as well as tourist and leisure activity in more than 20 sport sections (including cycling, athletics, skiing, football, swimming, water polo, chess and table tennis) and 4 branches (Krynica, Zakopane, Muszyna and Stary Sącz). It had several thousand members. Its leading sportsmen included M. Freiwald, J. Goldstein, F. Gottlieb, T. Katz, L. Kluger, G. Landau, E. Osiek, H. Schönfeld, A. W. Soldinger and I. Stieglitz. Its most prominent activists were H. Apsel, J. Billig, F. Freund, M. Hornung, M. Horowitz, H. Kleinhändler, F. Korngold, J. Lilienthal, W. Margulies, E. Schenker and J.M. Schönberg. In 1928 a congress of Jewish sports and gymnastics organisations was convened on the initiative of club activists. The congress established the Union of Maccabi Jewish Sports and Gymnastics Associations in Poland and the Jewish Physical Education Council of the Republic of Poland. In the 1930s the Jewish Sports Promotion Month was proclaimed and the Maccabi Tribune monthly started to be published (1936). The Maccabi Kraków Sports Club also organised the Winter Maccabiah in Zakopane in 1933.

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