The New Zionist Organisation was a Jewish party established in 1934. It brought together Revisionist Zionists advocating for increased, also illegal, immigration to Palestine, the creation of a Jewish state on both banks of the Jordan and preparation of its staff for struggle with the Arabs and the mandate holder for Palestine (Great Britain).

Its precursor in Kraków was the Revisionist faction of the Organisation of General Zionists operating from 1926. Its most prominent activists were J. Bader, J. Damm, A. Rosenmann, J. Rubin, L. Seiden and E. Treller. The party published a weekly, Trybuna Narodowa (“National Tribune”) (1934–1939). The New Zionist Organisation had influence over a number of organisations: the Josef Trumpeldor Scout Association (Brit Trumpeldor), which conducted, among other activities, military training for its members; the “Masada” Revisionist Zionist Youth Union; the “Menora” Zionist Youth Union; and the “Cofim” Zionist Club.

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