The Jewish Social-Democratic Party was a Jewish workers' party active in Galicia. In 1905 it emerged from the Polish Social-Democratic Party of Galicia and Cieszyn Silesia. Both parties cooperated briefly from 1911 to 1913. The Jewish Social-Democratic Party, however, attached high priority not only to the socialist agenda but also to struggle for national autonomy of Jews and fiercely opposed assimilation advocated by the Jewish members of the Polish Social-Democratic Party.

In 1920 the party merged with the General Jewish Labour Bund operating in the erstwhile Kingdom of Poland. Its leading activists were I. Aleksandrowicz, J. Bross, L. Feiner, Z. Glüksman, H. Schreiber and M. Schuldenfrei. The party published two weeklies for a short period of time: Nowe Życie (New Life) (1918–1919) and Der Sotsyaldemokrat (1919–1920).

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