The company Borgenicht Brothers Inc. (Bracia Borgenicht i Spółka) was founded in Kraków in 1904. In 1938, its seat was located at 16 Józefa Sarego Street. Its facilities also operated at 27 Warszawska Street and 7A Zabłocie Street. The management board was composed of: Izaak Borgenicht, Eugeniusz Borgenicht, Abraham Dresner. Its share capital amounted to PLN 10,000.

The company’s activity consisted in wholesale and retail trade in coal, coke, firewood, and building materials. It cooperated with the following enterprises: Robur (Katowice), the Directorate of Mines of the Duchy of Pless (Dyrekcja Kopalń Księcia Pszczyńskiego; Katowice), the “Górka” Cement Factory.


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