“Artigraph, Zakłady Przemysłowe dla Wyrobu Reklam Artystycznych i Opakowań z Papieru i Blachy S.A.” (Artigraph, Industrial Plant for the Production of Artistic Advertisements and Packaging from Paper and Sheet Metal, JSC) in Kraków was founded in 1929. In 1938, it was located at 65 Prądnicka Street. The supervisory board was composed of Karol Rolle (chairman), Georg Heinrich von Mautner Markhof, Ludwik Żeleński, Henryk Aschkenazy, Izydor Goldberg, Karol Neustadt, Fritz Simmer, and Rafał Landau. Zdzisław Kamiński, Abram Majer Baniuk, and Izydor Kleinberger were in the management board. The share capital amounted to PLN 1,000,000, divided into 10,000 bearer shares with a nominal value of PLN 100 each. The company employed 150 workers. It was manufacturing sheet metal products and specialised in lithography – labels, metal plugs, paper, cardboard, and sheet metal packaging (including the use of chromolithography), as well as advertising posters made of sheet metal, cellon, and cardboard.


  • Rocznik polskiego przemysłu i handlu (Yearbook of Polish Industry and Trade), Warsaw 1938, no. 2508.

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