First Jews started to settle in Karczew in the 18th century. A Jewish community was formed in the town before 1794. In 1819, there were 393 Jews in Karczew, constituting 40% of the entire population. At the time, a synagogue, mikveh, and yeshiva operated in the town. The local community was greatly influenced by the Hasidic movement.

After the outbreak of World War II, Karczew was seized by German troops in September 1939. In October 1940, a ghetto was established in the town. Its population comprised ca. 700 Jews.

In January 1941, most prisoners of the quarter were deported to the Warsaw Ghetto. The rest were used as slave workers in the labour camp in Karczew, employed at the dredging works on the Jagodzianka River. The labour camp in Karczew was liquidated in 1943.