The Jewish cemetery in Kock was established in the latter half of the 18th century. It is situated at a distance of about one kilometer away from the town boundaries. The last known burial in the cemetery took place in 1942. The Nazis devastated the cemetery during World War II[1.1].

There are approximately ten tombstones left in the area of 1.75 ha. Decorations and Hebrew inscriptions are visible on the matzevot some of which were made from rocks.

The local people stole some of the tombstones after the war. In 1956, the town authorities had the cemetery land ploughed and ordered poplars to be planted there. From 1988 to 1990, renovation works were carried out in the cemetery and a new brick ohel was erected on tzadik Menachem mendel Morgenstern’s grave.

A metal fence, which surrounded the cemetery area, was erected. Stars of David can be seen on the gateway[1.2]. Roman Stasiak, who lives in the first house at the end of the cemetery, keeps the cemetery keys. The cemetery is surrounded by fields. To reach it from the square you have to walk along Hanki Sawickiej Street and at the end turn right.

Besides Menachem Mendel Morgenstern, it also has the graves of: Beniamin Morgenstern – Morgenstern’s son (son-in-law of Abraham Mordechaj from Góra Kalwaria, died in 1866), Dawid Morgenstern - Morgenstern’s son (died in 1893), Jakub Jozue Morgenstern – Dawid Morgenstern’s son (died in 1907), Dow Zeew Kohen Rappaport – son of Izrael Kohen from Pińczów and tzadik Morgenstern’s son-in-law (died in 1901).




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