An enterprise under the name “‘Drutindustria’ Bracia H. i G. Czertok, Sawicki, Jeziernicki — Spółka” (“Drutindustria” H. and G. Czertok Brothers, Sawicki, Jeziernicki – Company) was founded in Lida in 1926. In 1938, it was located at 6 Fabryczna Street. The owners were: Hirsz Czertok, Gdalia Czertok, Szymon Sawicki, and Morduch Jeziernicki. The initial capital amounted to PLN 280,000. The company employed 90 workers. It was producing wire, nails, iron corners, construction fittings, and shoe segs. The plant burned down in the autumn of 1936 but was soon rebuilt.


  • Rocznik polskiego przemysłu i handlu (Yearbook of Polish Industry and Trade), Warsaw 1938, no.2431

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