The collections of Hieronim Łopaciński Provincial Public Library include:

  • collection of photographs by Wiktor Ziółkowski from circa 1939,
  • collection of photographs by Stefan Kiełsznia from circa 1934- 36,
  • photographs by Jan Bułhak,
  • photographs by unknown authors from the inter-war period and post-war period, including the collection of the photographs of the old Jewish cemetery,
  • collection of pre-war and post-war postcards of Lublin, including the ones made based on the photographs by Ludwik Hartwig and Jan Bułhak,
  • collection of postcards of Majdanek extermination camp,
  • collection of reprints ‘Lublin in old postcards’
  • collection of drawings representing Lublin by Jan Gumowski,
  • posters and leaflets from the inter-war period on the social and cultural life of Lublin Jews.