Since August 24th the Museum of Independence Traditions in Lodz has housed an unusual exhibition. It includes pictures representing Orthodox Jews from Lodz walking and talking on subjects known only to them. We can admire the synagogue in Tomaszow Mazowiecki, the factory of Izrael Poznanski or Jewish shop assistants from a Lodz textile shop. The exhibition represents also cultural and political life. It concerns war times, that is the most tragic period for the Jewish Community. Jews were expelled, Jewish districts were created, some people had become executioners and supervisors.
The Nazis carried on displacement actions mainly late at night, accompanied by shouts and agonizing cries of the victims. This exhibition makes people think – it shows a world which does not exist anymore and which is never going to come back.

We must keep remembering Lodz’s past, our land’s past and the outrageous homicide , which did not concern individuals but a whole community of our town, our region, our motherland- said the president of Lodz, dr Jerzy Kropiwnicki. He appealed to the visitors not to let such a relevant past to be forgotten.