There is an extraordinary exhibition to be seen at the Museum of the City of Lodz located at 15 Ogrodowa Street. It takes us, as its title promises, into the world of Kabbalah, mysticism and singing. In the unforgettable interiors of Izrael Poznanski’s Palace, we can get acquainted with „ The Secret World of the Hassidim”. Anna Walaszczyk is the exhibition’s author. As she herself emphasizes, “ the Word of the Hassidim presented in the exhibition does not exist anymore in Poland. It is a virtual world, as it cannot be real. The authentic one was destroyed by the tragedy of the holocaust. Although it took away the pre-war Hassidim, Hasidic Judaism survived". The exhibition " The Secret World of the Hassidim ",was created within the frames of the celebrations of the 65th anniversary of the elimination of the Litzmannstadt Getto by the Nazis. Zofia Władyka-Łuczak and Krzysztof Łuczak are responsible for the exhibition’s project and its artistic value.The materials used in the exhibition were made available thanks to the kindness of: The Ethnographic Museum of Seweryn Udziela in Cracow, the National Digital Archive in Warsaw, The Jewish Historical Institute and the District Museum in Nowy Sacz, The Museum of the History of Photography of Walery Rzewuski in Cracow, the Jewish Kehilla in Lodz, The District Museum in Tarnow, The National Museum in Cracow, the Chabad-Lubawicz Hassidim Organization in Poland.
The exhibition’s author, Ms.Anna Walaszczyk, gave her permission to publish pictures from the exhibition on the portal.