Not much is known about the Jewish community in Moryń (German: Mohrin). The date of establishing the local cemetery – 1856 – suggests that the community was founded in the mid-19th century. This is confirmed by data from 1850, when 64 Jews lived among the 1,427 inhabitants of the town, and from 1858 – 52 Jews per 1,524 inhabitants. After a period of development (e.g. a funeral home was built), the Jewish community in Moryń virtually disappeared in the interwar period. In 1932, it had only nine members (0.7% of the town’s inhabitants), so it was probably the smallest in the entire area of what later became Recovered Territories. We know the names of two Jews from Moryń: Philipp Pagel and Max Wolff; they may have been members of the last two families living in the town. The only property of the community was the cemetery, devastated by the Nazis during the Kristallnacht (9–10 November 1938).


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