Within the administrative boundaries of today’s Miedzyrzecz there is one more Jewish cemetery. It is an isolated burial quarter on the territory of the hospital cemetery of the psychiatric hospital in Miedzyrzeczu-Obrzyce. [see street map of Miedzyrzecz no. 1and picture no. 22]. On the hospital plan from the 1930s the Jewish quarter can be found north of the Evangelic and Catholic sections [see picture no. 23]. It was for Jewish patients, and still in the 1960s single gravestones could be found there[1.1].

Before Nazi times Jewish services took place in one of the rooms of the administrative building.

In November 2004 a monument dedicated to the murdered hospital patients was erected. The monument’s symbolism is connected also with Judaism, and it commemorates, among others, the Jewish victims murdered in Obrzyce during World War II [see picture no. 24]

  • [1.1] Conversation of the author with Jerzy Dabrowski in January 2007.