When the “Borussia” Cultural Community Association was instituted, people became more interested in the history and culture of the Jews who once inhabited Olsztyn. As early as 1967, an exhaustive biographical article about Erich Mendelsohn[1.1] appeared in “Szkice Olsztyńskie”, and in 1968, a circle, headed up by Hieronim Skurpski, planned a commemoration ceremony in the remembrance of the 15th anniversary of the prominent architect’s death[1.2].

Main activities:

  • “Mendelsohn’s House” this project was supposed to establish an open cultural centre in the former pre-burial house ”Bet Tahara” at the Jewish Cemetery in Olsztyn by 2009. (…)”Borussia” engages not only in preserving this place, but also in transforming it into a living center of meetings, memory and debate. Concurrently with the renovation of the house, the project organized events by means of which Mendelsohn’s House is now beginning to exists in the cultural conscience of the city”[1.3]. The renovation of the monument is under way[1.4].
  • “Mendelsohn’s Salon” project (along with the “Borussia” Foundation) – a series of meetings and lectures devoted to various aspects of both old and contemporary Jewish history and culture (from 2006, 10 edition – 6 December 2008)[1.5].

The “Borussia” Cultural Community Association organizes numerous educational activities and project s for the restoration of monuments connected with Jewish history and culture[1.6].

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