The Jewish community in Frydland (German: Friedland; nowadays Pravdinsk, Russia) was founded in the 19th century. In 1880, it comprised 51 people.

In 1933, the local synagogue community comprised 33 Jews, living among a total population of ca. 4,000 people (0.8%). The community also included nine Jews from Domnowo (German: Domnau; currently Domnovo, Russia). There were only seven active payers of community tax. The community board was composed of Josef Hirsch, Isaac Ascher (treasurer and secretary), and Louis Arnsdorf. In 1930, the community budget amounted to RM 1,683. The community owned a prayer room, a ritual slaughterhouse, and a cemetery. Religious education was provided to five children.

The fate of Jews from Frydland under Nazi rule has not yet been researched.


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