The Yizkor Book of Pabianie has just been published in Australia. The book, which was first released in 1956, has been translated into Yiddish and Hebrew by Sara Brott and Bobbi Zylberman.

Memorial Books were written shortly after the end of the Second World War. Holocaust Survivors desired to evoke images of their hometowns, family members and extraordinary people who were typical of their hometowns. Yizkor Books also provide us with historical sources that document daily life during   the war. Most of them have been written in Yiddish and Hebrew. A few include individual chapters in English or in Polish.

The Memorial Book of Pabianice consists of almost three hundred A4-format pages and a few dozen memoir essays which describe the history of the Jewish settlement in Pabianice, its religious life, the lives of famous rabbis, workers' movements, activities of educational and cultural organisations, as well as the participation of Pabianice citizens in the struggle to found the State of Israel. It also tells the story of Pabianice Jews during the Holocaust. Moreover, it comprises dozens of photographs, most of which come from family collections. Attached to the books  is also a list of names that have survived on matzevos in the local Jewish cemetery. All the names were read out by Leon Dzialoszynski in 1989.

One copy of the Yizkor Book has been donated to the library of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews by courtesy of the publisher - - the Pabianice Landsmannschaft in Melbourne.