Towards the end of the 18th century, there were 1,648 Jews in Rzeszów out of the total of 3,309 inhabitants. At that time, Jews had their own hospital, namely the House of the Poor[1.1]. At the end of the 19th century, there existed the Jewish Assimilators’ Club. Several religious and charity societies were active as well, like the Jewish Society for Support of Ailing Israelites, the Women’s Society for Support of Ailing Israelites, the Jewish Religious Society “Machzikai Linat”, the “Khval David” Religious Education Society, the “Tarbut” Educational and Cultural Society, the Talmud-Torah Society, two sport societies: Bar Kochba and Samson, the “Scena” Jewish Drama Society. In the interwar period, there were numerous political parties with affiliated youth organizations: Ha-Shomer Ha-Tsair, Dror, Betar and Akiva. The Orthodox Agudat Israel was also very active. It ran Beit Yakov, a school for girls, whilst the Mizrachi ran a reformed cheder functioning from 1920[1.2]. The Jewish People School Society ran a primary school and a gymnasium for boys and girls. In 1928, there was a Hebrew school in the city and an open university maintained by the Tarbut. There was also the Bar Kochba sport club, the Jewish Musical and Drama Society, the “Maccabea” Jewish Academic Association. Jewish merchants associated in guilds together with Christian craftsmen: the Guild of Tailors, Barbers Craftsmen and the Guild of United Craftsmen. Irrespective of that, there were also various other Jewish organizations: the “Yad Charuzim” Association of Jewish Craftsmen and a branch of the Central Association of Jewish Craftsmen in Poland. There was also the Merchants’ Union led by Eliasz Wang who ran a merchants’ savings bank. Jewish intelligentsia associated in the Jewish Cultural Association. Owing to their efforts, a new building housing Jewish Cultural Centre was erected in 1929, financed by the foundation of Adolf Tannenbaum. In 1939, the Jewish Attorneys Society in Rzeszów had 25 members.

Translated by LIDEX

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