Zweig’s Factory of Machines, Steam and Water Pumps and Iron and Metal Foundry in Rzeszów was founded in 1830. In 1938, it was located at 3 Dekerta Street. Salomon Zweig was the owner. The enterprise produced metal and iron castings as well as mechanical and manual pumps.

The memory of Zweig's plant, also known as "Cwajg," has survived in Rzeszów to this day. The entrepreneur probably came from Zawiercie. He expanded and modernised a small factory producing agricultural machinery owned by Fosiewicz, who in turn continued the tradition of Szajnok’s metal casting factory (hence presumably the plant's tradition, dating back to 1830). Zweig apparently left Rzeszów in August 1939 but is listed as a victim of the Holocaust in the Yad Vashem archive. Two two-storey residential buildings inhabited by Zweig’s employees have survived to this day. They are located at PCK Street.


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