"A. M. Szpiro" hardware factory. Located at Brzeźnicka Street (currently 16 Stycznia Street). It was established by Abram Mosze Szpiro in 1912. The plant consisted of the following buildings: a production hall - two-storey masonry building with a gable roof covered with roofing felt (preserved), a warehouse - two-storey masonry building with a gable roof covered with roofing felt (preserved), a forge - a two-storey masonry building (demolished), two wooden warehouses - two-storey buildings (demolished).

Initially, the factory was a mechanical manufacturing plant of iron chains. The equipment was powered by three electric motors. In the years 1936-1939, the factory was equipped with the following devices: three mechanical presses, a spring hammer, a power hammer, a shearing machine, a machine for twisting wire for chain links, a machine for making hinges as well as manual presses and drills. The plant manufactured: cabinet hardware, window fittings, horse combs, chains, free-standing stoves, and fans. Between 1938 and 1939 the factory also produced building felt. There were about 30-40 people employed in a single-shift system.

During WWII, the plant was taken over by the Germans, and in 1942 it was closed down. In 1944, a felt manufacturing plant was moved there from Ostrowiec. Currently, it houses a company under the name "Radomszczańskie Przedsiębiorstwo Me­talowe Przemysłu Terenowego."

The entry was written on the basis of the text Katalog zabytków budownictwa przemysłowego w Polsce, issued since 1958, on the permission of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. All rights reserved.