"Sz. Fajerman’s" brickyard –  until the end of the 19th century, there were only field brickyards operating in Radomsko. Only in the last years of the 19th century did Szmul Fajerman, an active and skilful industrialist, set up a large brickyard in Radomsko. The first structure to be constructed was a Hoffmann-type furnace with 14 chambers (table 11, 12), and a 30 m high chimney, erected in 1896 in the area located at Miła Street. Then, in 1899, another very similar furnace (table 13, 14) was constructed by Abram Lubelski (plans: the Construction Department of the Piotrków Gubernia Government, no. 6195, 7450). Both chimneys later constituted a single property. In 1910, I. M. Fajerman was listed as the owner of the brickyard (Księga adresowa Królestwa Polskiego, 1910, 161). The brickyard employed about 25 people. The production of bricks, made from raw materials sourced on-site, amounted to about 1 million annually. One furnace was liquidated in 1927. The second was in operation until 1939 and then was also dismantled. Currently, only a chimney from the second furnace still remains at the former brickyard’s site.

The entry was written on the basis of the text Katalog zabytków budownictwa przemysłowego w Polsce, issued since 1958, on the permission of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. All rights reserved.