Fifty stone tablets have appeared on the pavements of the streets of Radomsko. They are a reminder of nearby objects and sites relating to Jewish history, such as synagogues, prayer houses, schools, enterprises and residential houses.

The plaques are part of the Open Jewish Museum in Radowsko, which was initiated by Lili Rachel Kesselman, a French-born woman whose father came from Radomsko. It took merely ten-odd months for this lively young woman to win the support of local authorities, various organisations, institutions and individuals. She also successfully raised necessary funds although she covered most of the costs from her own money.

The Museum was to be officially inaugurated on Monday. However, there were some problems that could have postponed this. The plaques were assembled last Friday. Some of them were demolished overnight. The same happened on the following Saturday afternoon. Altogether, 13 of 50 slabs were damaged. These incidents put the organisers in a difficult situation. Luckily, new tablets were made over the weekend, which replaced the damaged ones.

The official ceremony was attended by around one hundred people. Bad weather did not deter attendees, who visited ten or so commemorated sites. During the tour, they were joined by students from local schools and Catholic priests.

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