Ceremonies commemorating Holocaust victims, attended among others by local students, will be held in Radomsko on January 10, 2016.

The participants will gather in 3 Maja Square at 1 PM and will go to the monument in Joselewicza St., where students of the School and Junior High Complex No. 7 will read out the names of all Jewish families deported from Radomsko and killed in the Treblinka death camp.

Among those addressing the gathering will be Chief Rabbi of Poland Michael Schudrich and Rachel Kesselman, whose ancestors lived in Radomsko before the war. The El Male Rachamim prayer will be said at the monument, and if there is a minyanthe Kaddish as well.

Then the participants will walk to the railway station. Every participant will carry a Star of David, a candle and a stone with a Jewish name written on it. Candles will be lit at the station and the names of Radomsko Jews will be read out.

“Finally, we will all say ‘We remember you’ and Mir gedenken ir’,” says Rachel Kasselman. “We will also sing the Hatikvah, the national anthem of Israel and a song of hope.”

If you are interested in taking part in the ceremony, please register in advance at: [email protected]

Author: Krzysztof Bielawski
Source: information materials of the Yiddele Memory Foundation