At least from 1929 the Zionist organization Histadrut ha-Syjonit be Polin (the Zionists Organisation in Poland) operated in Radom and implemented the Worldwide Zionists Organisation programme, which aimed at setting up the Jewish country in Palestine and acknowledging Hebrew as the national language of all Jews. This party was the strongest among other Zionist parties in Radom and it had the most significant role in political and social areas.

The most active members of the organization were: Jechiel (Hilary) Frenkiel, Izrael Leszcz and Abram Mojżesz Rottenberg. In January 1937 the new party board members were: Mojżesz Luksemburg, Alter Gołębiowski, Rachmil Kirszenbaum, Dawid Blatman, Jentl Manela, Mordka Lejb Fiszman, Mojżesz Margulis, Tobiasz Rutman and Majer Granek. From 1919 to 1939 the representatives of the Zionists Organisation sat in the Radom City Council. In 1919 one of the councillors was Jechiel (Hilary) Frenkiel and in 1923 in addition to reelected Frenkiel, also Mendel Horowicz, Abram Mojżesz Rottenberg, Lejzorg Symcha Finkielsztajn and Lejbuś Zyserman, who were members of the Zionists Organisation. In 1934 elections, the Jewish General Townsmen Bloc set up by the Zionists gained 8 out of 9 seats, which were won in total by all Jewish organizations in Radom.