The second socialist organization acting in Radom, was Jidysze Socjalistisz-Demokratisze Partaj “Poalej Syjon” in Pojln (the Jewish Social Democratic Party “The Workers of Syjon”), named Poalej Syjon Left Wing. Its branch in Radom, which was managed by Dawid Studnia, Marek Finkielsztajn, Moszek Kirszenblat, Izrael Glat and Gabriel Wajsman, had in the interwar period about 100 members.

In 1935 after the division at the level of the central party authorities, some members joined the Communist Party of Poland. Poalej Syjon Left Wing had its youth branch Jidysze Socjalistisze Arbajter Jugent (the Jewish Socialist Working Youth). It assembled about 120 members in 1929. This party influenced the Jewish Non-Specialist Workers Trade Union, the Leather, Tailor’s and Boot Top Makers’ Trade Union, and also the sports club “Sztem” (the Star). In 1920s and 1930s the communist movement, which was then illegal, gained some popularity among the Radom Jews, in particular among the members of the trade unions, and the Jewish sports clubs “Sztem” and “Morgenstern”[1.1].

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