The Radom synagogue was built in 1844 at the corner of Bożnicza and Podwalna Streets. It consisted of a prayer room for men, which was erected on a square plan, and adjacent to a two-storey vestibule. In the centre there was a pseudo-dome, which was covered with a roof consisting of four parts, supported by four wooden columns. There were 12 windows, and the interior of the temple was sunlit by other 24 little windows placed just under the finial of the dome[1.1].

Although the preserved sources lack information about the appearance of the synagogue interior in the interwar period, it is presumed that the bet ha-midrash was located inside the temple or in the separate building standing nearby. The synagogue and the bet ha-midrash had their own choirs and cantors.

In the place where the synagogue used to stand, nowadays there is the Radom Jews memorial, which was erected in 1950.


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