From October 2008 Raciborskie Stowarzyszenie Kulturalne ASK [ASK Racibórz Cultural Association] is carrying out a film project entitled ‘An Empty Place. Jews Were Here’ whose aim is to make a film about the past and traces of Jews in Racibórz.

For the filmmakers a starting point was an empty square at Mickiewicza Street where a synagogue used to stand. Now the empty place stands for a lack of memory of Jewish inhabitants and the Association has decided to change it.

As a result, a group of young people have volunteered to record interviews with people who remember Racibórz Jews or have been told stories about them. Before they started to collect materials, young filmmakers were trained how to film, record and communicate. 

A completed film will be screened on the site of an old synagogue.

It will also be copied to DVD and distributed in schools in Racibórz as well as in educational and cultural institutions within the region.

A Project is part of ‘For Tolerance’ Programme carried out by Stefan Batory Foundation and was financed with the help of The Taube Foundation [1.1]

  • [1.1] [ as of 12 August  2009