Since the year 1844 the Jews of Środa had their cemetery at the former 1 Bergstr. (now: Górna Street).

The cemetery in Środa had an area between 9 and 73 m². The kehilla owned a real estate located by the cemetery with the area of 20-41 m², prepared probably for purposes of extending the cemetery.[1.1] In 1940 the Synagogue Kehilla sold this plot to the town of Środa Śląska at a price of 0.5 RM (Reichsmark) per 1 m². In the 1940s, real estates of the community were taken over by a compulsory union for Jews in Germany named “Association of Jews in Germany” (Reichsvereinigung der Juden in Deutschland). On the basis of the 10th Executive Decree to the Act on the Reich Citizenship of 4 July 1939, the property of Jewish organizations, including synagogue communities, was to be passed over to “Association of Jews in Germany”.[1.2] Since 1942 the association, pressed by the police and military services, was forced to sell post-Jewish properties, including the cemeteries. The Jewish cemetery in Środa Śląska was sold to the town in 1944. The purchase agreement was entered into on April 4 of that year. The estimated value of the cemetery was very low; it amounted to 0.5 RM per 1 m² of the area with tombstones on it.[1.3]

The cemetery was destroyed during the Second World War. In 2001 a memorial was unveiled in the former location of the Jewish cemetery. It bears the following inscription in Polish, German and Hebrew: “ The cemetery of the Jewish community existed in this place”.

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