Tombstones from the medieval Jewish cemetery (currently in the collection of the Muzeum Dawnego Kupiectwa [Museum of Old Trade] in Świdnica):

  • Gravestone of Chana (Channa), daughter of Izaak, died on the 20th of Mar Cheshvan 5050 (5.9.1289). It was discovered in 1872 serving as a paving stone and moved to the wall of the Świdnica synagogue at Niepodległości Avenue.
  • Granite tombstone of Druchna, daughter of Sabataj, who died on the 12th of Elul 5122 (2.9.1362). It was found in the mid-1970s during excavation work on an embankment in Wrocławska Street.
  • Granite gravestone of Izaak, son of Sabataj, who died on the 16th of Elul 5151 (17.8.1391), uncovered in May 1988 during excavation work next to the fountain at the corner of the Main Square and Pułaskiego Street[1.1].


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