The company operating under the name of the “Opał” Coal Office, Owner Ch. Grajcer (“Opał”, Biuro Węglowe, właśc. Ch. Grajcer) was founded in Sosnowiec in 1931. In 1938, its seat was located at 3 Mościckiego Street; it also had a branch office in Warsaw (1 Towarowa Street). The owner was Chaim Grajcer and the proxy was Chaskiel Grajcer. The “Opał” company was a wholesaler of bituminous coal and Portland cement. In 1936, the turnover totalled ca. 1,000,000 zlotys.


  • Rocznik polskiego przemysłu i handlu, Warsaw 1938, no. 1377A.

The Project was co-financed by the Kronenberg Foundation operating at Citi Handlowy.