“Fabryka Wyrobów Metalowych i Opakowań Blaszanych ‘Decorum’” (“Decorum” Metal Products and Tin Packaging Factory) in Sosnowiec was founded in 1907. In 1938, it was located at 7 Moniuszki Street. Its owners were the heirs of Maurice Weinreb. Emanuel Weinreb and Eleonora Weinreb were on the management board. The share capital amounted to PLN 250,000. The enterprise employed ca. 250 workers. It specialised in the production of cans for tinned meat (hams), fruit and vegetables, including the use of chromolithography. It also manufactured tin containers, pressed products, metal covering, sheet metal advertising posters, thermoses, steel stools with backrest. In 1936, the total weight of produced goods amounted to ca. 800 tonnes. Sales were carried out by representative offices in Bielsko, Bydgoszcz, Częstochowa, Kraków, Lviv, Poznań, and Warsaw.


  • Rocznik polskiego przemysłu i handlu (Yearbook of Polish Industry and Trade), Warsaw 1938, no. 2529.

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