A monument commemorating Jewish inhabitants of Suwałki was unveiled on Friday, 22 January 2016 at the junction of Noniewicza and Waryńskiego Streets, where the Great Synagogue stood until 1956.

The commemorative plaque bears an inscription in Polish, English and Hebrew: “To the memory of about 5,500 prewar Jewish inhabitants of Suwałki who perished during World War II due to the Nazi German extermination policy.”

The Poland-Israel Friendship Society and Adam Adaptowicz from Tel Aviv came up with the idea to commemorate the Jewish community of Suwałki. The monument unveiling ceremony was attended by Suwałki Mayor Czesław Renkiewicz, who in his speech stressed the importance of remembering the town’s Jewish inhabitants. Lucy Lisowska, who represented Poland’s chief rabbi and the Jewish Community of Warsaw, and clergymen of several religions were also present. 


Source: Obelisk upamiętniający zamordowanych w czasie wojny żydowskich mieszkańców miasta, Radio Białystok [online] http://www.radio.bialystok.pl/wiadomosci/index/id/130397 [accessed on January 28, 2016].