On the basis of the amount of crown tax paid in 1507 by the Jews of Sandomierz it may be claimed that one of the biggest or richest centers of the Jewry in entire Poland then was situated there . In 1557 on Żydowska Street in Sandomierz 9 houses were located, where 11 families lived. In 1563 25 houses and 32 families were registered there. In 1578 a head tax in the town was paid by 40 Jews. In 1589 upon the request made by the town authorities Sigismund III Vasa limited the number of Jewish houses to 11 in Sandomierz. However, this law was not obeyed since in 1602 in the town there were 18 Jewish houses. In 1674 67 Jews of Sandomierz paid taxes. In 1774 it was decided that the Jews were allowed to possess only 16 houses in Sandomierz. Each of them could be inhabited only by one family of the owner and one family of a tenant. In 1784 r. pursuant to an agreement made between the town office and the kehilla of Sandomierz the Jews were entitled to own 46 houses in Sandomierz. Except for this number of houses also a synagogue, a Jewish cemetery, a Jewish hospital and a Jewish bathhouse were situated in the town then. However, already between 1789 and 1791 50-52 Jewish houses esisted in the town .[1.1] In 1816 in Sandomierz 449 Jews lived (20 % of the total population), in 1826 770 (21 %), in 1853 901 (29 %), in 1863 1126 (26 %), in 1897 2163 (33 %), in 1908 3433 (49 %), and in 1914 3890 (54 %). Thus, it can be claimed that in the period of the Partition of Poland the number of the Jewish population in the said town increased considerably, which at the beginning of the 20th century reached more or less 50% of the total population. However, in the interwar period, due to, among others, the emigration of the Jews and the absorption of adjacent villages into Sandomierz, the total percentage of the Jews living in Sandomierz decreased. In 1938 2721 Jews (27% of the total population) lived there . [1.2]

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