The Jewish cemetery in Sulęcin / Zielenzig was established at the beginning of the 19th century. It is located in the eastern part of the city, north of  Poznańska Street, at the back of a large fenced enterprise, located opposite the Catholic cemetery (on the other side of the road). Its area is 0.2 ha.

In 1932, the cemetery was managed by the Chevra Kadischa brotherhood (German: Chewre Kadischa) headed by N. Szamatolski. The facility was devastated in the late 1930s or during the Second World War. However, its area has survived to this day within its historical boundaries, defined by a brick wall preserved around the perimeter. To this day, about 5 complete matzevot have been preserved, as well as several dozen fragments of tombstones and the remains of graves. The monuments are made of sandstone with inscriptions in Hebrew and German, the oldest one comes from 1865. Some show the symbol of God's Providence, unusual for Judaism, but found in the neighborhood of Jews and Protestants.