After Hitler's seizure of power, the presence of Jewish children in schools such as the Talmud-Torah was not tolerated, that is why in 1934, the community established its own primary school. A plot of land was purchased for this purpose at Wrangelstraße 3 (today Bazarowa Street) [[refr: | FR Barran, Städte-Atlas Pommern, Leer, 1993, p 114]], which cost the municipality 48 500 German marks. Lessons were initially held in three, and then four classes. In 1935, the school was attended by only 78 Jewish children, because most of young people was leaving the country and taking or continuing education abroad. Despite this, the school had been constantly expanded and in 1936 five aged classes were held there. The names of the teachers who taught in school are listed in the paper of Salinger [[refr: | G. Salinger, go Erinnerung und zum Gedenken. Die einstigen jüdischen Gemeinden Pommerns, Vol 1, New York, 2006, pp. 288-289.]]. Since November 1938, more precisely until the synagogue was burned down, also church services were held in the school.