At the end of 1962 the community turned to the town authorities to assign them a fenced area with a separate entrance to establish a new cemetery. The authorities refused so the deceased members of the Jewish community remained to be buried in the selected part of the municipal cemetery in Ku Sloncu St. It is the second block left from the third entrance. It occupies the area of about 0.25 ha and there are signs in Polish and Yiddish. There are more than 100 gravestones there, all of them preserved and in good condition. They are all from the 20th century, made of marble, granite, sandstone and other stones, some of them are surrounded with metal fences. Among them there are double gravestones and family mausoleums. The inscriptions on them are in Yiddish, Hebrew, Polish and German. The oldest gravestone comes from 1962, the last Jewish burial took place in 1990. Pictures of some gravestones, taken in 1999 can be found in the book.[1.1]. The Jewish cemetery is registered in the Monument Registry of the Province Monument Conservator in Szczecin, it is well-kept and it is used by the local Jews till the present times[1.2].

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