The Jewish cemetery in Sośnicowice (Raciborska street) was established in 1848. It is located on a small hill, to which leads a field road, running behind the football pitch. Originally the cemetery was surrounded by a wooden fence. At the entrance there was a keepers house, also used as the pre funeral house. The cemetery measured 25 m / 13m.


There were around 50 tombstones there.


During Krisatlnacht in 1938, Nazis devastated the cemetery, using the tombstones for the pavements in front of the post office. On the area of 0,2 ha there is only one tombstone left, broken into three parts, also parts of two other tombstones may be found as well as the base of two graves. The cemetery is not fenced and accessible for all. Surrounding area is used for farming purposes – probably part of the cemetery was used for crops. The area is neglected, Mr. Grzegorz Kamiński is taking care of the cemetery. Community authorities stated that the grass will be cut once a month.

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