The Jewish cemetery is located south of the town, outside the built-up area, at the end of the cart-track, which at the heights of the Catholic cemetery branches off form the Mszczonowska Street on the right.

The necropolis was damaged during the World War II, but the process of devastation has been carrying on until today. The cemetery’s area is now being used as an illegal garbage dump.

The cemetery takes up a plot of land in the shape of a rectangular which measures approximately 30 meters by 50 meters. Its borders are distinctly visible thanks to the well-preserved former embankments. The land uplift and small size of the cemetery’s plot suggest that many people were buried at the same places. There are thick and thorny bushes growing at the cemetery, among which one may find single gravestones or their parts, inter alia an matzeva sunken in the ground with a hip roof, an excerpt of an Hebrew inscription and a plant-like motif or a part of a gravestone, on which Hebrew letters partially show the deceased’s name ([Ja]kub Kop[…]) and an incomplete date of death ([…] in month […]). On the territory of the necropolis there are some small pieces of sandstone and concrete to be seen, which probably are parts of broken gravestones. An urgent problem is that the cemetery is being littered. Therefore it is necessary to remove heaps of litter which cover the cemetery and to fell part of the trees.