There is probably no other place in Poland about which the gap between its significance and the knowledge about it would be so large. The extermination camp in Treblinka is the site of the death of about 900,000 Jews, the largest cemetery of Polish citizens from the Second World War. Several hundred communities were murdered here along with all the memory of them - because everyone who could pass it on to future generations perished.

The records of only 20,000 people murdered here have been preserved. There are also tens of thousands reports submitted to Yad Vashem. The Memory of Treblinka Foundation established in 2015 by Professor Paweł Śpiewak and Samuel Willenberg is trying to find out as many names as possible of the Jews murdered in Treblinka. It gathers and disseminates knowledge about the camp, collects existing accounts of witnesses and survivors, informs about the conducted historical and archaeological research. It collects and publishes the forenames and surnames of people who perished in Treblinka. Together with the Jewish Historical Institute, the Foundation creates the Book of Names of those who died in Treblinka. It is a difficult, huge and long-term task. We ask for help anyone who could provide us with reliable information.

Data is gathered from all possible sources. The database already has nearly 90,000 forenames and surnames, including over 8,000 nowhere previously published. But each person killed here deserves a commemoration. Please collect and deliver to the Foundation data about the victims of Treblinka!

In addition to listing in the database on the Foundation's website (, the names found are read out the last Saturday of each month at 10:00 am at the Monument to the victims of Treblinka extermination camp.