Alt-Naj, Publishing Cooperative in Warsaw Ltd. (Spółdzielnia Wydawnicza “Alt-Naj” z o.o.) was founded in 1932 in Warsaw. In 1937 it was located at 8 Chłodna Street; there was also a branch office in Tel Aviv (Achad Haam 75 a). The Management Board was composed of: Dawid Dunkelman, Gdala Weissbort, and Mordka Krajkoman. The share capital amounted to 95 thousand zlotys. The cooperative published the following dailies: ”Hajnt”, “Hajntige Najes”, “Handels-Welt”, “Baderech”, and “Das Jidisze Land”. It had its own printing house. It employed 32 workers and 70 office workers.


  • Rocznik polskiego przemysłu i handlu (Yearbook of Polish Industry and Trade), Warsaw 1938, No. 13224.

The Project was co-financed by the Kronenberg Foundation at Citi Handlowy.