A prayer house at this address can be found in the register of 1910. A “Certificate of wedding announcements” of 4 March 1925 which was issued here[1.1] survived until today. It is possible that this synagogue, located almost opposite the Morija synagogue, gathered the faithful of a similar Orthodox circle. The bride clearly inclined towards assimilation, by giving the names: “Chaja Rywa vel Helena.”

Excerpt from a book by Eleonora Bergman “Nie masz boźnicy powszechnej. Synagogi i domy modlitwy w Warszawie od końca XVIII do początku XXI wieku” with the consent of the Author and the Publisher. All rights reserved, including the right to use the text on other websites.

  • [1.1] Archive of the Town of Płock, Registry Office Records, file no. 22868, Certificate of wedding announcements, March 1925.