Thanks to the efforts of Michał Bergson, president of the Jewish Community of Warsaw (Polish: Warszawska Gmina Starozakonnych), the construction works on an Educational Establishment (Polish: Gmach Wychowawczy) began in 1911. The building, which was designed by Henryk Stifelman and Stanisław Weiss, housed a daycare for 100 babies aged 2 to 5, a nursery school for 150 children and a school for 550 students, apartments for the personnel and offices of the Praga charity department. According to the description of 1914, the house of prayer was accessible directly from the street; it had an adjacent gallery on the first floor, and a school classroom located on the second floor. In 1940, all the pupils and workers were relocated to the Warsaw Ghetto. Next, the building served as a hospital. After the war, the building was occupied by the Provincial Committee of Polish Jews (Polish: Wojewódzki Komitet Żydów w Polsce), and a puppet theater called “Baj” was formed in the former prayer hall in 1953. The remaining premises serve nowadays as a kindergarten, a medical clinic and private apartments.