Before the war the Jewish Shelter for Children and the Elderly was located on the premises at 127 Leszno Street/18 Wolska Street. In 1840 the site was purchased by Isaac Simon Rosen, an activist from the Jewish Community, who 3 years later presented it to the kehilla on the premise that it would house a Shelter for Orphans and Poverty Stricken Members of the Warsaw Community. In 1926 the layout for a new building was designed by Edward Seydenbeutel, Henryk Oderfeld and Szymon Syrkus. In 1935 the Care Facility for Abandoned Jewish Children from Płocka Street was relocated here, along with its c. 250 residents.

After the establishment of the Warsaw ghetto the building remained on the so-called Aryan side. The children were displaced to the ghetto, and St. Lazarus hospital was relocated here from 2 Książęca Street. During the Warsaw Uprising the Nazis slaughtered all the patients and the hospital staff, one thousand people in total. The building was burned down. It was rebuilt in 1948. In 1963 it was named the Municipal Dermatological Hospital.

The Warsaw Jewish Community reclaimed the parcel at 15 Leszno Street (post WW2 address). In 2007 the Dermatological Hospital relocated to Międzylesie. The building was then demolished due to poor technical condition which precluded any possibility of repair[1.1].