The Resource Center of the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews has won First Prize, in the "Management" category for 2019, at the 40th Annual Sybilla Museum Event of the Year Awards!


In 2017-2019, in partnership with the State Archives of Poland and the State Archives of the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast in Ukraine, POLIN scanned 190,000 passport and civic documents from the period 1918-1939, which are and will be needed for genealogical queries and research of Polish Jews. Based on these scans, a genealogical indexed database has been created, containing 31,600 personal records. Since June 2019, they have been available, in Polish and English, via the "Genealogy" tab of the Virtual Shtetl portal and in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington.


This undertaking of data management used source documents such as excerpts from civic and census registers, school certificates, handwritten biographies, passport documents which allow for the finding of Jews who had emigrated from Poland before the War and, most likely, avoided the fate of their relatives - victims of the Holocaust.


Full documentation is available at the POLIN Museum's Resource Centre. Annually, the Centre responds to 1,000 inquiries from over 4,000 individuals - descendants of Polish Jews, Poles, Europeans and guests from all over the world, who wish to deepen their knowledge of the rich heritage of Polish Jews.


The project was carried out thanks to, among others, donations from the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute.